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Days #10 and #11, 30 Days of Mermaids!

Ok y'all! I am loving this piece! I have many pieces and parts of shipping pallets cut up in a pile in my garage! #truestory #dontbejealous

I am so tentative to throw any of it away because... Well... When inspiration strikes and the planets align, that grubby scrap of wood is usually what speaks to me! Lol... The color of these pieces are Devine as well... I wanted them to be art/ have a story from every direction... I hope you love them!

Mermaids in the Jelly Garden

5.25" high, 3" x 3" Square

Acrylic on Reclaimed Shipping Pallet


( Message me or click HERE to purchase)

Mermaids in the Seahorse Corral

5.25" high, 3" x 3" square

Acrylic on Reclaimed Shipping Pallet


(Message me or click HERE  to purchase)

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