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Sunday Sermons

So many times I start a project and the process of getting started leaves me feeling crazy! "Where did I get this crazy idea?!" "This is crap and is never gonna work!" Are often the thoughts I have! I know, shocking right? 

Self doubt and insecurities follow me like the mosquitoes of my backyard. Taking pieces of my confidence.  Trying to convince me that there are others that can and I can't.

You would think that I would go into each piece with the confidence of the last successful piece... 

I am realizing that I am finding myself through each piece that I create.  

Today I met 2 kindred spirits.  We spoke of art, and told stories and in the conversation I felt a piece of my self bloom! 

I realized that the art on table is not the gift, but the conversation happening above the art, the friendship begun, the common ground and connection are the true gift and reason for the creation.

Although I did not attend a church service in the traditional sense today.  I am so grateful that The Artist brings the service to me! I learned a lot today. 

In a short amount of time, we had shared laughter, hurt, healing and hope. I learned that if the art on the table failed miserably, The Artist had begun a masterpiece above it! 

For that I will keep doing what I know.. I am grateful for the process!  I am grateful for this Sunday's "Sermon"... I will carry the lesson with me for a long time.

Florida Gator Dream Garden

**message me to purchase.**

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