1 in 41 Chances to Win!!


this is not for the purchase of an original painting, this is strictly for an entry into a contest for the Original Painting First Wave by Vashti Verschoor.


Draw for the winner will be announce once ALL 41 tickets have been sold.

Winner must accept Original Painting First Wave, no cash value.

You may purchase more than one ticket to increase your chances of winning.

An additional entry will be given to those who share and tag @OVashti on Instagram.

Thank you Every one and Good Luck!!


This is THE wave that started it all! First Wave is literally that, my first try at a wave! Everytime I look at this piece I can see my creative self standing on the edge of something new, my foot poised to step into a new world of creativity.. Acrylic on Reclaimed Canvas///aprox. 29" x 35" Frame of Shipping Pallet Boards

First Wave Win Me 2020


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