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Vashti Verschoor

I was born & raised, here, in Brevard County Florida.  I am many things, but the few I am most proud of are; Being John Verschoor's wife, being a Mom & being an Artist. 

John & I have been married more than 12 years now & it is a beautiful work in progress!  I am so grateful to have a loving, committed life partner (not to mention, he's dead sexy!). 


Being a mom is everything I thought it would be + 10,000% MORE!! It is a Humbling, Challenging, Beautiful, Magical, Wonderfully Awful Experience... I LOVE it!!


I use acrylic paint to create whimsical, coastal inspired Art that is expressive and full of joy, and brings a smile to your face. I often use reclaimed wood in my work , as I love the idea that a little love and care can be transformative.  Beauty from Ashes, Strength from Pain, Joy from Mourning. You get the picture.


My dream is to love what I do while providing for my family & inspire others, not the least of which are my children, to do the same! Life is an beautiful process,

I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

My Name Is;

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"I don't always paint beaches or sea-grass, boats and fish, but everything I do paint is inspired by the colors & lifestyle that living by the sea brings!”

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