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Custom Artwork by Vashti

Having a Custom Artwork made by me for your home is really very simple! Here are the few easy steps to get started planning your next piece!


#1. Measure 

Measure your space to determine your canvas size.  Once your Canvas size is determined, we can figure price.

#2. Figure 

To figure your price, we take the width and multiply it by the height.  In the photo on the left Vanessa determined she wanted a piece that measured 24 inches wide by 12 inches high. 

24 x 12 = 288 square inches. 

I charge $2 per square inch. So using this example $2 x 288 psi = $576

#3. Collaborate 

Now that we know Shape, Size and Cost Let's do the FUN part!! Collaboration! We will talk about subject matter (waves, landscape, kraken, gardens, pet portrait, etc.), Colors you love, colors you hate and so on... Any reference photos you can provide are appreciated*.  

#4. The Write Up. 

I will take all that we have discussed and agreed upon and write it up in an invoice and email it to you. I ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit and then get to work. My current processing time averages about 4 weeks.  I am very good about communicating on where I am in the process or if I get stuck at any point.. lol.. that is also part of the process..  I hope this information takes some of the mystery out of placing a custom order!  I look forward to working with you!

*Pet Portraits are based off of your provided photos and I ask for a minimum of 5 photos. I reserve the right to choose which image or composite of a few of your images that inspire me... My goal is to capture your pet's personality in a whimsical, fun way!

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