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Below you will find a collection of photos taken of happy New Collectors!

Happy Clients, Happy Artist ❤🐕

Carlia's Mom was thrilled with her Pup Portrait!

Sweet Floral Elephant

Sweet Floral Elephant for this couple's first baby.

bulldog commission

Pet portraits are a big deal in our area! Message me if you are interested in having one commissioned or your fur baby!

wave gallery

I love being a part of Carolyn Seiler and Friends!

Drifty Gator

Jim and Susan have been collecting my work for a few years when they found this piece of drift wood and asked me to paint "whatever I saw". Drifty Gator was born!

Melissa's Wave

Melissa is an old friend and New Collector!

Tiffany and Nathan

Tiffany and Nathan have purchased a few of my pieces and I finally got to meet them on this night!

Shipping Pallet Wave

This couple found their perfect piece while dining at Ossorios in Cocoa Village Florida!

Whimsy The Mermaid

Whimsy the Mermaid found while dining at Ossorios in Cocoa Village Florida!

florida orange guitar

This piece just "sang to her"

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