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#25 ~ 30 Days, 30 Paintings!

I have had, as with most of the country, strong emotions over the events of the past month. With piece I was tapping into those emotions! There is a lot of personal symbolism in this piece. From the 3 stars, my bonus kids and granddaughter. The 3 sunflowers, John, Amelia & Elliott. And the 7 stripes, my siblings. The bubbles are my parent's voices... and on and on... My pride in where I live, Darkness and light...

'Tis Of Thee

Approx. 12" x 24"

Acrylic on wood


Thank you so much for following along! If you enjoy these insights into OVashti Art, I would be honored if you would share with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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