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Amelia the Horse

To be honest, I didn't think I would get so emotional about this week! My husband probably knew different, but I have always, kinda felt making so much over a child graduating kindergarten was a bit overkill... In spite of myself, here I am, reflecting on the last six years and how fast they flew by!

This was the day we brought Amelia Jane home from the hospital. It took me 3 hours to leave my hospital room after being released! I was suddenly completely overwhelmed that this human being was in our care, primarily mine and I was so afraid of screwing up! We did, finally, leave the hospital that day and as time passes that fear ebbs and flows into the distance.

One Christmas, right before Amelia turned 3, her older cousin gave her an entire bin full of horses! That was the day Amelia Jane became a horse! When I say she became a horse, I mean she walked like one, she "talked" like one... It got to the point that John and I would take her by the shoulders and say "OK, we want to talk to Amelia Jane now!"

3 years later her love of animals and especially the horse, has only grown. When it came time to register Amelia for kindergarten, some of the old fears rose up, is this the right school? Will she gets what she needs from her teacher? Will my concerns as a parent be respected? Will Amelia turn back into a horse? Lol..

The school year turned out to be amazing! The teacher was exactly who Amelia needed, who I needed! She saw Amelia for who she was; a very intelligent, rainbow, art, horse obsessed 5 year old!

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of school! Amelia has learned so much and even though I still get choked up and emotional over her milestones.. I know that God has his hand on her as He did this school year!

I'm excited for my intelligent, bold, quiet, beautiful, rainbow, horse obsessed 6 year old girl! I wonder what her future holds?

Amelia the Horse ~ for Mrs. Rossiello

Kindergarten Class 2016-2017

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