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Day #7, 30 Days of Mermaids

Seven days!!! Woot!! I am having a good time with this challenge, better than I thought I would! Amelia is starting 1st grade in a week and a half and we are hoping Elliott will be able to attend the preschool with in the same school... he is on the wait list, so please keep your fingers crossed with us!

On to today's mermaid! I follow a wonderful artist and friend of mine, Lisa Partin Young from Stuart, Florida. She uses a fun technique where she uses the remains

of her pallet of dried paint to create her sculpted art pieces... I have always loved the, what I call "peelings" from my pallets and thought I would try my hand at it! After collecting all my little bits and thinking it through, I really became even more amazed by Lisa's talent and abilities! I dont know if I will be using this technique again, but I do like what I was able to accomplish today!

She turned out a little smaller than I originally thought I would do.. I think she looks stunning, suspended between 2 worlds almost! Here is the finished piece:


14" x 5.5"

Acrylic on Reclaimed Pallet Board


(click HERE to pre-purchase before she goes into the gallery on Sunday)

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