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Sparrows And Lilies.

Recently I have been mulling over this popular passage from the Bible, (Matthew 6:28-33) Consider the Sparrows... and.. Consider the lilies... the neither plant or harvest, yet have food! Neither do they work to spin thread and yet even Solomon in all his glory was not dressed so well! Your Heavenly Father already knows all your needs and He will give you all you need from day to day....

That is a bit paraphrased, and there is so much more in that chapter...

In this passage it goes further to say that if He, who cares so well for something so small and fleeting, how much more does he care for us? Amelia has latched on to a couple of songs with this scripture reference and we listen to them often.. I think seeing this passage through her eyes has shifted the importance for me.

As children we can often take for granted that our parents will take care of us.. at least as a general rule.. but here in this passage it says that, not only does He care for the obvious needs, but the small and seemingly inconsequential needs are in His hands too.

18" x 22"

Acrylic on Wood Panel and Reclaimed Frame.


(shipping available upon request)

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