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The Struggle Is Real!

We all have goals, plans, areas of our life that we would like to change and remain consistent in, right? And LIFE gets in the way... Sometimes, as I posted earlier in the week "Life" is a holiday that "gets in the way" and then, sometimes "Life" is tragic! My heart is still reeling over the events of this past week & goes out to the grieving friends and families that are at the epicenter of these tragic episodes! I took a few days off from my challenge #30Days30Paintings, took my kids to church, swam with them in the kiddie pool, kissed my husband, stayed off Social Media as much as could. Goals & plans set aside.

When life gets crazy, I try to step back and look at my roll, my purpose and how do I affect change?

A major part of who I am is being an Artist, I live to create! I'm not exactly sure how that changes the world, but I have seen it change ME and people around me, for the better!

This is the commissioned piece from earlier this week! I grew up with Josh's Aunt and his Mom & family have had a huge impact on my life. They taught me about allowing people in, about integrity and being real with each other. Krystle asked me to make this for them for their 4th Anniversary. To see him grown with a family of his own is such an honor! I love that a piece of me is with them daily, makes it feel full circle somehow.

So with Josh & Krystle's piece & Dawn's Light (the piece below, also sold) I completed 5 pieces this week!

I am realizing that using my gifts and talents, being willing to push myself and live authentically with the people around me will affect change my world! Will bring good! Changing the world.... Several Families at a Time :D

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