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#28 ~ 30 Days, 30 Paintings (Day 32)

Through this whole challenge I have intended to paint a Kraken, but the wood has not cooperated! Every time I got started sanding down a piece of wood with a kraken in mind I would get down to the grain and "see" something completely different. This time I would get my way! A song from my childhood came into play in the creative process of this piece. In the mornings this week, I have been playing music instead of turning on the TV. I found my collection of 2nd Chapter of Acts, my mom must've played them over & over when I was little. One of the songs on this particular album is called Rainbow. ... So Rainbow Kraken was

Rainbow Kraken

Acrylic on 2 Pallet Boards

42" x 6.5"


Although, technically the 30 day challenge is over, I still wanted to have each piece's story told. Which piece from this challenge is/was your favorite? Did you buy one? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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