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#30 ~ 30 Days, 30 Paintings (Day 32)

What better way to finish this challenge than with a mermaid? Pallet boards, on their own, provide a very limited surface on which to configure a mermaid :) ... Put 2 pieces side by side, however... and my mind exploded with ideas! I love putting turquoise and orange together and this is no exception! This little mermaid looks as if she's lounging on the floor of the sea or just climbed from the waves in search of her lost shell.


16" x 6.5"

Acrylic on Pallet Boards


I have loved hanging with you all for the last month! I hope you'll hang around for another challenge! I will start another again soon, but first I must get my Amelia Jane registered for Kindergarten! I'll be sure to tell you all about that too!! lol...

If you have enjoyed these little insights into OVashti Art, please feel free to share them with your friends or post a comment below! I getting feedback!

Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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