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What I Learned From This Challenge

Good gravy! What a month! So many emotional ups and downs... I am grateful for them though as they taught me a lot!

2 years ago I took an online art marketing course from The Abundant Artist and, if I am honest, I did not fully complete the course! I got really hung up on the writing requirements (i.e. blogging, emailing, web content,etc.)! I am fine and excel actually at the social media aspect, but, mentally, I just struggled with... well, I guess what I thought my website & blogging was supposed to "look" like & how to put it all together.

Week #1

This challenge is similar to one recommended in the course... so... here's what I learned...

I learned that;

  • I can do more than I thought! My own mind and ideas are what limit me! (life lesson? proly!)

  • My kids are more important than my job. Yep.

  • Having a goal is great, being accountable is necessary for my success!

  • I like writing!

  • Taking the first step is needed to move forward (you're thinking; Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

I think, for sure, one day I will look back on the struggle over this challenge with amusement...Today, I am happy with the work & ready for another challenge!

The number one thing that I learned is that; It IS possible to love what you do!

I would encourage you to take the first step toward your dream! Just because something is scary or difficult, does NOT make it wrong for you... It just might be the thing that makes you stronger, better..

What do you think? What is holding you back? What is your challenge? Will you share with us? Please share in the comments below! I would love to read your story too!

I can't wait for the next challenge! Thank you for following along and for sharing with your friends! You guys are amazing! Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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