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Roosters and Dogs and Gators, Oh My!!

This month has been filled with commission pieces! Creating for a client is a pretty intense process for me... I get so excited to collaborate, to talk about the client's vision for the piece and try to see, with my creative eye, what they are describing is a challenge I love! Then something happens when I get alone with just me and the "canvas", I get a form of stage fright!! A certain tension between my artistic instinct and the clients wishes that makes me second guess myself for a bit... I take a few steps to overcome the second guessing and move forward! I review my notes & sketches from the first conversation with the client, I remember that they are having ME paint for them because they already like/love what I do, I make sure the main requested elements are present, then I follow my instincts!

Then, I paint something that I want to paint for the fun of it!!

Florida Gator 1

40" x 5.5"

Acrylic on Pallet Board


SO, what do you think of my happy, Florida Gator? Please leave your comments below or if you just NEED to have this guy as part of your family or have an idea for a painting that you would love for me to do, send me an email!

Thank you so much for following along!

Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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