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Margarita Moby & Christmas Pineapples

These past few weeks have been field with adventure! Sweet friends from Colorado came for a visit, I got a spicy sunburn (you'd think I'd know better by now!), followed by a road trip to visit John's brother and his family in North Carolina and celebrate my birthday! (As you may know, road trips with small children ARE quite the adventure with in themselves, but that's a whole separate log post!) We so enjoyed our kids & making memories with ones we love!

Before heading off on our adventure, I did manage to get a few things done!

I got started on some mini Pineapple pallets for Christmas Season! I love them and the first 2 are already on their way to their new homes!! (Message me to pre-order yours! $20 each +$5 if you need shipping)

And yet another pallet has said it wanted to be a whale! So who am I to argue?

This is Margarita Moby, she is painted in a beautiful Limey Green with accents in Salty White & Ocean Blue! She measures 5.5" x 40" and can hang vertically or horizontally! Message me to purchase or stop by the gallery! (price: $115 +$20 for shipping if needed)

I have applied to be in the Cocoa Beach Art Show for the Thanksgiving weekend and I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted! I will keep you all posted, but in the mean time I will be painting like crazy in order to be able to fill an entire tent with Pallet Art, so stay tuned as you get first pick of anything I paint!!

As usual, thank you for following along!

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Vashti Verschoor

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