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'tis The Season...

OMG! I get practically giddy during the Holiday season!! As a family we have so many things to celebrate! John and I have our anniversary in November. His birthday & Elliott's are in November as well! And let's not forget Thanksgiving!! This year we add another event to our parade of festivities! I was accepted to participate in the Cocoa Beach Art Show!! This show will be in downtown Cocoa Beach on Thanksgiving Weekend... I am finding out that many of my local artist friends will, also, be in the show!! This will be a great way to connect with many local artists for your Holiday gift giving this year!

Here are a few of the pieces I am working on for the show:

What do you think so far? I would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave your comments below and I hope to see you at the show!

Big Love,

Vashti Verschoo

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