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Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing!

Something I am learning in this career of Working Artist; if I don't create something nearly EVERYday the ideas start to fade and it takes me longer to be productive in my day... I don't know how many times I have conversations with creative people who say to me that they wish they had the time to create and I totally get it! I so believe that the more you allow your creativity out the more creative you become! With the holidays I have had a difficult time pulling out the paints and getting creative, unless working on a specific commission piece , the paints stayed out in the studio! I have seen some of my mentors and artist friends pulling out sketch books and things to keep themselves going so the other day I decided to search for a sketching app while I was in my app store on my phone... I found several free apps and downloaded the Sketchbook App and I have fallen in love!!

In the app are several "pens, pencils & brushes" to use and I have been having a blast creating quick simple sketches! The day before yesterday I decided to see how they would do if I uploaded them to my account and after playing around ALL Day, I am even more in love with it!!

If you click on any of these images it will take you to their RedBubble page where you will see them displayed and available on note cards, framed prints, tee shirts, dresses, pillows, phone covers, basically OVASHTI Swag!! lol!! I would love to hear what you think, which one is your favorite or which one you you purchase (although they tell me when I've made a sale, they wont tell me who purchased what.)...

I have been sketching something every day and will probably upload something to RedBubble every few days so stay tuned!

Big love and Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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