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Private Auctions & What I learned in High School

January held to it's promise to start with a bang!

I have had an idea for a while to hold a private auction for those fans that take fandom a step further and subscribe to me Website & Email List. Not only was it a huge success, I have been getting requests to extend it! So I am doing just that! I have a Page on my website set up just for those who subscribe to my newsletter, once you subscribe you will be sent a password to view this page in order to place bids!

7 pieces have already been snapped up and this week are heading out to their new homes locally & across the country! So exciting!!

"My Escape" is one of the pieces still available in this auction and is one of my very favorites! I hope you'll consider joining in the fun!

Before Christmas last year, I was approached by Dr. Susan West, an art teacher with Viera High School, asking me if I would be interested in doing an Artist Residency in her classroom.

I was soo nervous! You see, I was home schooled from 1st Grade on and had never, officially set foot in a High School to attend classes, so the whole process was unknown territory! On top of that I am a self taught artist and working with a teacher who has a Doctorate in Art Education had me feeling a little out of my depth!! Dr. West wanted me to share my thoughts on being a working artist and my inspiration and point of view in working on reclaimed wood and objects. As these are 2 things I am passionate about, I decided to do it in spite of my fear of the unknown!

The Artist Residency Program is funded by a grant through Brevard Cultural Alliance. The goal of this program is to put working artists with educators in order that they would benefit from each others expertise as well as provide a more well rounded Art Education to the students. That is exactly what happened!!

Dr. West and I worked really well together! She made me feel at home with her and her students as well as embraced the task of teaching ME terms and techniques that, although I knew some instinctively, I did not know their technical terms or WHY they worked together! I have one more day at Viera with Dr. West, to see the student's finished pieces and talk a little bit more about what it's like to be a "Working Artist".. I have to admit to being sad that this week is over, but also excited to do it again!

Thank you for following along! If you have friends or family that you feel would like to follow me on my adventures as well, please, I would be honored if you would share this with them!

Until next time,

Vashti Verschoor

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