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What I've learned painting for BBQ and Blues 2017

Well.. I've learned, painting the awards for this year's BBQ and Blues 2017 , that I love working with my client to create something new for them! I love when they say "we love what you do, so just do you and have fun!". 

 I've learned that even though that is an awesome thing to hear, asking questions, defining expectations and speaking up for what you can and can't do are important.

I've learned that taking process pics is important! Not only is it fun to share the experience, but they provide a perspective that is necessary! For example there were a few pieces that I loved, but after looking at my photo I realized that that leg did not look like a leg at all (if you know what I mean?)... #TrueStory #IWontBeShowingYouThosePics...

How bout these instead?

I've learned that another way to get perspective, when working on a large project or one that requires a lot of thought, is to take a break! Work on something else! It totally can refresh your imagination!

Most of all, I learned that I love what I do! Hey, and if YOU have an idea that you would like to talk about with me, shoot me a message and we'll get started!

Creatively yours,

Vashti Verschoor

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