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Day 4, 30 Days of Mermaids!

Well... Today was the Yin to yesterday's Yang! Peace and harmony have ruled the day so far and I was able to complete yesterday's mermaid and complete as well as another!! For today's piece, I was imagining the mermaids, cold from diving deep for shellfish and kelp, might warm themselves on the rocks in the sunshine!

I wanted to see if I could capture gravity's pull on the body with this mermaid... How it pulls on the folds and weight of a person... I sketched her first and felt like what I was imagining was captured on the paper... then sketched her on to the pallet board and began adding the layers of paint. Starting with the darkest colors and building up into the light!


20" x 6"

Acrylic on Reclaimed Pallet Board


( click HERE to purchase)

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