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Day 5, 30 Days of Mermaids!

Ahhh! Today's piece speaks to my soul, or, if you rather, comes FROM my soul! I have been pondering what is the draw that we have toward mermaids? I think this piece speaks to the heart of it!

When I want to paint something specific, I try to choose a piece of wood with the least amount of movement in the grain. The more movement in the grain, the more the wood "speaks" to me and then I am compelled to paint what it"tells" me to paint... So when the wood is quiet, I have the say so as to what it becomes..

This piece, however small the movement, still showed me a seascape and I saw the mermaid on the shore so clearly that I did not even really need to sketch it!

We've all seen similar pictures of mermaids on the rocky shore looking out on to the sea or the reverse, looking onto the seashore with longing in her eyes and a dream in her heart...

And THAT is what draws us, I think... It's what draws ME! I long for others to see the magic in me, and for that magic to take me on a grand adventure! Whether that adventure is stormy or takes me to the depths, I yearn for it! To quote Belle from Beauty and the Beast...

"I want adventure in the Great, Wide Somewhere! I want it mare than I can tell!"


20" x 6"

Acrylic on Reclaimed Pallet


(click HERE to purchase)

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