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Day #13, 30 Days of Mermaids!

Well, I found a little bit of rythm today! We walked Amelia to school, came home to clean up a bit. Then I loaded up the car with the new Mermaids and took Elliott to school.. His school is only a couple of minutes from the gallery so I went there and got to work integrating the new Mermaids into the display 💟 

It was great to be at the gallery without stressing over the kids!  The rest of the day was spent dodging raindrops, picking up the kids and regular life, but creativity was tickling the back of my brain and I started to get a picture... And as most of my pallet boards were wet from the rain, I grabbed a piece of luan (lightweight plywood) and started to sketch!

I have a lot more to do... But you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see 💙

Enjoy the weekend!

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