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Day #17, 30 Days of Mermaids!

So this will be my first full week with both kids in school for the morning! So far, I am loving it! I am able to focus and plan and even exicute though plans, for the most part 😌 ... Elliott is loving school and Amelia is embracing the new! 

This morning we were out of coffee 😲 (not good) so after dropping Elliott off, I stopped by 7 eleven for a large brew #ohthankheaven #literally

I got to work cutting and sanding pieces of pallet for 2 frames for a couple of waves from my new waves series ( you can see them here and here ) and several mini pallet pieces as well... There was one special piece that caught my eye... And this is where it took me..

"The Kraken and the Mermaid"

Acrylic on Pallet 

12¼" x 3¾"


(Click here  to purchase)

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