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Day #32, 30 Days of Mermaids!

So, I don't know if this was my most successful challenge... If you base it on product output, as in 30 days eqauls 30 Mermaids... 

When I started this challenge, I was in a slump personally and creatively.  Since I was little, my mom and dad always taught me that when you feel unsure, do what you know or are sure of! With that in mind and also with the firm belief that "creativity brings more creativity", I knew a challenge was just the thing!  

Not fully thinking it through, I started the challenge 2 weeks before Amelia started 1st grade and Elliott started PreK!! I knew this is just what I needed though so I adjusted my game plan a bit to sprinkle it with Grace for the season I am in and for the season my kids are in... 

This particular Mermaid pallet is giving me some trouble! I started it on Sunday and I am still working on it today! I will take more pics this afternoon so you can see where I am... 

I think this will be the last mermaid of this challenge.. not my last mermaid ever, but I am getting requests for some other favorites.  Like seahorses and alligators... I also want to do some butterflies and, of course, sunflowers!

I am super excited to announce that 2 of my submissions to  's Electrical Box program were accepted!!  Both  "Orange Blossom 1" and "Sunflowers 4" 

Will be printed and wrapped on 2 electrical boxes on US1 in Cocoa!!!  

I'm also gearing up for this season's art shows! I will be applying to the Cocoa Beach Art and Music Festival again this year and I will be sharing in the Gallery's tent for the Cocoa Village Art Shows... There will be more on these as they get closer!

Thank you for following along!

Love, Vashti

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