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Kraken, Sunflowers & Waves! Oh my!

I have been hunkered down and painting away! A few weeks ago I was trolling through the FB feed when I came across a garage sale post... In this post they were selling their leftover plywood from covering their windows for Hurricane Irma.. John and I snapped it up! 

I thought you might like a preview of what to expect from me at the Cocoa Beach Art Show on Thanksgiving Weekend 😊.

I have been loving working in larger formats!! I am finding it hard to put into words how it feels... Mainly it feels fun! I have been going into the garage to paint every chance I get and not just because of the time crunch, but because I'm having fun! If you will be in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you'll grab your family and friends and come out to see the show!

With Big love & a thankful heart,

Vashti Verschoor

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