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'tis The Season!

You know how the story goes... Spring arrives with flowers and fresh air magic, we start bustling around cleaning and nesting and the whole Earth falls in love!  That never happens to me... At least, not in the Spring!  Maybe it's because I'm a Florida Girl, born and raised in the land of neverending Summer and Spring, for us, is... Summer! 

But we do have one month. One month where I feel all the feels, one month where my heart skips a beat and I get all Twitterpated... And that month is November! 

I love November! I got engaged in November, married in November, my husband and son we're both born in November! Thanksgiving is in November! We get these beautiful things called "Cold Fronts" in November, bringing cooler temperatures, fresh, beautiful breezes & sweaters!!! There is just something about a man in a sweater! Am I right? 

Spring cleaning happens in November for me also! I start nesting and cleaning in preparation for friends visiting and the Thanksgiving meal and the Christmas Tree!! The windows and doors are flung open and the beauty comes in... I feel full of Hope and everything takes on a twinkly love for people grows and I feel my heart expand and embrace others...I start watching Its A Wonderful Life and White Christmas on a loop... Sigh... 

I hear often, throughout this season "why do people need a holiday to show others they love them, they should do that all year!".. and they're right, we should... I know for me, I can be very miopic and self centered.. I DO need reminders to cause me to look up from my day to and pay attention to what's outside of my world. I think sometimes we lay guilt trips on others to deflect the focus from our own unwillingness to change.  Don't let that happen!! Don't deflect for one! Embrace the change! Two: Don't feel guilty about needing help! Embrace the Season! Use it as a spring board to launch you into the next year, filled to the top and overflowing, head up, heart full, ready to love people all year long!! Open the windows and breathe!

Oh.. by the way, November leads to December... And in December is... 


what are the things that help you fall in love, to reach outside of your World? I love to hear your tips and stories! 

Big love,

Vashti Verschoor

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