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Gah!! 2018! Seriously?!

Holy Moly! I cannot believe that the New Year is upon us! I am so glad that it is here though, I am ready for a new start and I love using the new season to get refreshed and refocused, taking steps to recenter and move forward!

Last year was a tough, but good year for me personally. The Art Business went further out into the community.. I became an artist in residence with Brevard Cultural Alliance in their grant program that connects local Artists with local schools. I was honored to work with Dr. West and her Viera High School Class, showing them my process in working with Shipping Pallets to create art!

I was asked by Historic Cocoa Village BBQ and Blues to paint their Trophies and medallions for their BBQ Competition! This was such a fun project!! I painted 56 separate pieces that had Cows, Pigs and Chickens, the event was awesome, with fabulous music and delicious BBQ!

Elliott started PreK this year and Amelia started 1st grade, which freed up my mornings to get some painting done! Hurricane season was another doozey this year and Hurricane Irma did some damage to out little town!

The kids were with me when we locked up the gallery in preparation for the storm, helping me write sweet notes of love to the community and letting them know our thoughts and prayers were with them while we were closed and taking care of family.

I put a few pieces in Juice 'n' Java out on Cocoa Beach this year and have been so pleased and felt so welcome there as well as sold a few pieces there!

I was accepted into the Cocoa Beach Art Show again this year and did well! I created some really great pieces leading up to this show! Bigger pieces than I usually do, fun, bright and a little weird!

And one of my most favorite... Our little town of Cocoa along with Cocoa Main Street and ArtBeatz Cocoa put out a call for local artists to submit digital copy of their work of which they chose 13 images to be printed as wraps to wrap electrical boxes throughout Cocoa, beautifying our little town and highlighting local artists!! 2 of my submissions were chosen and I am beyond honored!!

This one, Sunflowers 4, can be found on the corner of Dixon and US 1 ...

And Orange Blossom can be found at the light at US 1 and SR 528 welcoming you to Cocoa!

I am really proud of the work that I put out this year! The relationships that have been built in this community over the beauty of art amazes me! I'm proud to be a part of a community that is embracing art and promotes their local artists and invests in them! I am grateful for you who have followed along this year! You have shared my work, purchased it and in so doing supported me and my family! So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

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