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Peaches the Labradoodle

I have been super happy for my client-turned-friend, Pam! Recently she adopted a new little Labradoodle that she named Peaches 🍑! A few weeks ago she asked if I would paint a portrait of Peaches. I was nervous, but I said yes! She brought Peaches to visit me at the gallery, along with a few of her favorite photos of the puppy .. Peaches is a sweet tempered, happy puppy, with a vivacious personality! Her curly hair bounces when she does! She has eyelashes that are, literally, 2 inches long!! No, really!! The first step I took in the process of creating a portrait of Peaches, was sketching her! 

I was feeling confident that I was capturing her personality by sketch, but, for me, translating the sketch from pencil to paint, is always a bit Rocky! I knew it may take a couple of attempts.. 

My first attempt was started on a color wash.

At this point I still liked it! I could still see the end result that I wanted.

Then... I got a bit lost! The more color I added the heavier it felt. I'm not saying I won't go back and finish this one, but I did set it aside and started another one.

I loved how it turned out and more importantly, Pam loves it too!

I would love to try my hand at your furry friend!  Message me to get started!

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