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Art vs. Artiste at

It's funny, I was just having a similar conversation with a mentor of mine... What am I trying to say with my art? Am I speaking clearly? Does the Art reflect the Artist?

I have been creating ever since I can remember... So when people ask me Why I paint, or What inspires me, I kinda get confused and don't know what to say... How do you answer something that feels like they are asking me about why I might breathe in and out instead of out and in? The feedback I get from collectors and fans is "I love your art, it's so happy!" And I love that because the surfaces I paint on are not happy, they are broken and abused, used and discarded pieces of wood...

 I think that is what I hope my art expresses... life takes it's toll, people will abuse you, you may feel discarded and lost, but there is hope of redemption... ArtvsArtist ...  

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