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Guilty Pleasures...?

So, I have to admit to a guilty pleasure...

When I became a "professional artist" oh so many moons ago... I had no idea where it would take me! I have to, also confess that I was reluctant to call myself an artist and had never planned on being an artist as a career! I have not had the experience that many artists do, in which they have to convince others that this (being an artist) IS the right thing for them! I have had the opposite experience! I am humbled to say that I have an immense cheering section, that has encouraged, cajoled, even dragged me into this life! Looking back on it, knowing what I have now, I would have done so many things differently!

That being said... I tend to come at each project with a novice's eye... I still get the sweats and jitters when presenting a new piece.. I often can't believe that I get to do this!

So this brings me to my favorite part... My guilty pleasure... I.. Love... Seeing my work in print!! Even after 9 years of having prints of my work made... Everytime I go in to look at proofs or pick up a run of a new piece I, literally get such a feeling of pride, a feeling of accomplishment and just plain joy! I know, you'd think that I would get that feeling when I complete an original, and there is an element of that, but there is something about seeing the piece reproduced... I don't know... It's like ... Affirmation.

You can find these prints here in my online store 😁

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