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Concert in the Park

BBQ and Blues was, in a word, Amazing!! The bands were awesome, the food... well, let's just say I started my health kick this Monday!   I felt like a proud Momma watching the winners take home a piece of OVashti Art let me tell ya!

I faced creative block a number of times during this project... I didn't want to just paint the same things over and over... I wanted each piece to tell it's own story... I have managed this block with a few little techniques, but one that I have learned to be a strong tool! I step outside of the project and paint something else...this is one of the things I painted during one of those times.

 Concert in the Park

40" long x 5.5" wide

Acrylic on Reclaimed Pallet Board


Thanks for following along! How is your Summer going so far?  Please feel free to comment below!

Creatively yours.

Vashti Verschoor

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