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Sometimes I will find a beautiful piece of #wood, but it's warped. I don't want to just throw it away, so I use these for #bendytwisty things like #Jellyfish . Now, this wood won't lay flat on your wall, but the painting makes it look #sculptural rather than accidental. 

My life has felt very bendy/twisty lately! As a family, we have taken some hard hits this month! Mostly health-wise.. weeks of fevers and flew have rearranged our schedules, our finances and even our roles within the family. On Sunday, I was at the gallery and I remember thinking "ahh, finally, back to normal".. we had just finished a whole week of healthy, back to school and work living! It felt good!! This morning, that all seems so far away as my family is battling sickness again!! Bendy/Twisty.. This morning I am trying to use my creativity to look at this situation as the beautiful canvas that it is! To see the bends and twists as an opportunity to embellish them and bring out their beauty. 

I finished this piece yesterday.  I think I'll call it "Bendy, Twisty, Jelly"

Bendy, Twisty, Jelly

Acrylic on Reclaimed Wood

5.5" x 40"


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