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Art In The Sunshine

Here in Central Florida the temps are rising, the days are longer, the tourists are arriving in droves. My kids are out back splashing in their little pool, leaving sloppy trails across the tile in search of just the right toy to help them articulate their imaginations. We have a new member to our family, a rescue pup, Lucy. She is a Coon Hound who loves her new home and family & we love her back! In the midst of all of this, I feel the need to push myself further, to expand as an artist and see what I can accomplish. This week I gave myself the goal to paint 7 pieces (one for everyday). These are the pieces that I completed.



The only pieces still available as of this post are the Marlin & 2 Mahi/Dolphin pieces. Please send me a an email if you are interested in any of them!


I have enjoyed the challenge of painting daily and have started a 30 Days, 30 Paintings Challenge this past Monday! If you would like to follow along please go to my contact page and sign up for my newsletter to put yourself at the top of the list to get these daily paintings in your inbox!

Here we are with Lucy <3

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